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The Armory Foundation

The Hardin County Armory Restoration Foundation is a Not For Profit Organization which is owned by a membership.  These members elect a board of trustees which operate and maintain the Armory building itself. A member in good standing may run for the board with a written letter. The trusteeship is a three year commitment.  There are yearly offices that the trustees may hold upon their election by the membership of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  ​We encourage every member to become involved in one way or another.  Members might just want to volunteer their abilities in keeping this wonderful building operating!​

Become a Member

Family Memberships are $35.00

Individual Memberships are $20.00

Please Make Checks  Payable To:

The Armory Foundation

P.O. Box 594 

Kenton, Ohio 43326

Questions? Please Call:


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